Cost of hypnotherapy sessions

Stop Smoking

For stop smoking, I charge £197 for a single, highly effective session.  For more details, please see my stop smoking with hypnosis page.

Other Issues

For other issues requiring more than one session, I currently charge £70 per session, each session lasting one hour.

How many sessions you’ll need depends on the nature of the problem and how deep-rooted it is.

For most issues, 3-6 sessions is sufficient.  If you’re concerned about how long it might take, I can give you an estimated number of sessions before we start, based on what the issue is, and my experience with similar clients.

I’ve successfully treated hundreds of clients for a huge range of issues and will always help you as quickly as I can, whilst making sure the root cause of the issue is dealt with.

Contact me

To discuss your needs, or to book a session, please call me on 0845 652 2271 or send me a message and I’ll call you back.