Hypnotherapy with Jenny Mullan


By visiting this site you have begun a journey to uncovering the true unlimited you.

You are amazing – did you know that?

If you’re visiting my site though, the reason is probably that you don’t actually feel amazing.  In fact, right now, I could bet there is something about yourself that you’d like to change.

  • Maybe you’d like to feel more calm and relaxed
  • Maybe you’d like to get rid of feelings of panic or anxiety, and manage your stress levels
  • Perhaps you’d like to sleep better, or get rid of a phobia
  • You may be someone who wants to have a calm, relaxed, joyous birth, or  have support to get pregnant because you’re experiencing fertility issues
  • Or maybe you’d like to change an old habit – stop smoking, manage your weight, and lots more

Hypnotherapy can help support you in all these areas, and more.

Read on to find out – what makes hypnotherapy so effective, what I can help (including stopping smoking with hypnosis), answers to frequently asked questionswhere I practice / clinic locationshow much it costs and how to contact me.